1. Hiking the riverbed … gets you to an amazing Canyon … but results in muddi and soaked shoes

  2. With my new and freshly printed passport (my old one was stolen), I am allowed to travel again.
    *happy* @ fraport

  3. Managed to get the 1st ascent of a boulder Christoph found and called Trockengewitter today!

    It’s a pretty traverse on the lip of a small sandstone roof. We both climbed the line with using the ledge underneath last year. So this boulder is just a harder and nicer variation. It climbs very cool and involves a lot of tricky micro-beta with your feet.

    I really like to see that there are still some hidden gems right in my backyard!

  4. In my next life I will become a surfer @Hawaii

  5. A few months ago I got asked: “What was the best place you’ve ever been to?” I couldn’t answer because there are so many beautiful places out there.

    But now, my answer is straight out: Hawaii !!!   This place is awesome.

  6. Thrilla in Manila, Philippines.

  7. Once you managed the traffic chaos of Korea, you can find beautiful climbing in a nice setting.

  8. Nice non-climbing workout…

  9. The asian culture

  10. Yes there is bouldering in Korea. And yes, it is that great as it looks like!!!

  11. First impressions from South Korea.
    Amazing people, food and culture in a crazy city!

  12. On the road again.
    Psyched for Korea!


  13. See ya…

    "I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question." -Harun Yahya-

  14. Away on business with my students.

  15. Good times at Ticino. With climbing Yuri as the last boulder of the old and Komilator as the first boulder of the new year.

    (Photos from Karti. Thanks!)